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[Prompt] Hisoka the Trickster - For scraps :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 1 1
Alvah Meets Sarlic: Prompt Entry 2 (for scraps)
Field Journal of Alvah
Day One
I've decided to go into the field to study microbes found in swamps. There is so much diversity there that the possibility for undiscovered specimen is high, and I'm determined to be the one to find them. Who knows what medical possibilities these new microbes could be capable of. To make this easier on me, I'll be camping out in the swamp for a few days. I brought my portable microscope, a tent, and a few survival supplies curtesy of both dads and Aunt Mara. I've found a good campsite to be my base so hopefully things will go smoothly. 
Day Two
Something tried to attack me last night. I'm not sure what it was, but luckily it couldn't get into my tent. All I know is that it was small and oozing a slimy, gooey substance. The goo was all over the campsite. I took a sample of it, but I hope it doesn't come back. It made distressing growls and mumbles, like it was rabid. 
Anyway, I was able to get a few samples of the water today. While I haven't fo
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New Parents: Spring Growth Prompt 1
Abraxas was curled around the eggs. He often volunteered for egg duty since he had extra fluff to keep the egg warm. The eggs were kept in their own room, with the heat up to act like an incubator, and lined with pillows and blankets. He had actually fallen asleep hours ago, but he was a light sleeper. 
Jalus was in the living room, dosing off after his shift ended. It had been a long day, and it didn't take much for him to fall asleep. He would have joined Abraxas and the eggs, but he could never get comfortable in that room. 
So far it had been like every other night, quiet and uneventful. That was until one of the eggs moved. Abraxas was immediately awoken. He inspected the egg that moved, gently putting an ear against the shell. At first, he thought he was just going crazy, but after a few minutes, it moved again, this time more violently and producing a crack. 
He immediately raced to Jalus, shaking his partner awake. "Jalus! Come quickly! One of the eggs is hatchin
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Doctor Bros :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 1 0 Arun in scrubs :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 0 0
Valentine's Day Prompt Collab
Valentine’s Day was a day that two lovers spent time together and showed each other affection, normally. Unfortunately for Abraxas, that was not the case. Since his mate, Jalus, happened to be on call on this special day, he found himself alone. That was the downside of having an EMT for a mate, but it was something Abraxas had to accept. Besides, it wasn’t like they weren’t going to celebrate, it would just be a day late. So, instead of just sitting around alone, Abraxas decided to call a friend and go out. She was a party kintaur, just like him, so he knew he’d have a fun night. 
He decided to meet Claire at one of their favorite clubs. It was a pretty happening place. Loud music and a bar with a good selection of alcohol. He saw the bright blue and green kinatur up at the bar so he made his way through the crowd and sat down next to her. 
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Claire,” he said smiling before he ordered himself a vodka shot. Clair
:iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 1 0
Sam's New Year Resolutions
Sam sat curled around two eggs, trying to get some rest. New Years was a stressful time for Sam. He and Lucifer had just found out they were expecting babies, which was scary for both of them. It was scary because none of them knew how to raise a baby, or were suited to do so. How was an assassin and secret government scientist who did not so legal stuff raise children? Even their home was filled with dangerous items that were either fatal or could seriously injure small children. That was Sam’s first New Year resolution. He had to make a place to store his weapons and Lucifer’s chemicals that was away from where the future children could go. He and Lucifer had already talked about converting the basement into their secret storage space, now all Sam had to do was fix it up a little bit so he could move all of their stuff down there.
The next New Year’s resolution Sam made was to try to do a better job of controlling his anger. The past year was not very good fo
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Jekyll Ref :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 1 0 Spino MYO: Approved :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 1 0
A Holiday Surprise: Scraps Entry
Getting a gift for someone wasn't exactly Sam's strong suit. Sure, he loved Lucifer, but what did he get his significant other? It was hard for the assassin to think of a good gift, one that would show Lucifer that even though he did stupid and dangerous things, he still loved him more than anything. 
Then the idea hit him, but it would take some setting up, so he quickly got to work. He had to go to a few different stores to get everything he needed, and then he raced back home. He needed to get everything in place before Lucifer got home. The first thing he did was pop the first movie he got, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, into the DVD player and let it play to the menu screen. He had the other movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, ready to go too. A superhero movie marathon was something Lucifer would rarely pass up.
Sam knew that Lucifer loved both the Winter Soldier and Iron Man. They were his favorite heroes. That was why he wrapped the second
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Heaven's Angel :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 9 2
Hunter's Best Friend
Hunter sat in the tree, watching as the sun set. On his chest, a white vampire bat was curled up in his fur, sleeping away. It was a tad early for Vampyre to be up. The two had been together a long time, and they went nearly everywhere together. Hunter gazed down at the albino bat, remembering the day he first found him.
Hunter was much younger, a child even. Even at that point he was on his own. Every day, the red kintaur wandered the forests, looking for food and water among other things. One night he heard a strange noise. A high pitched squeak-like squeal, like, whatever it was, was calling out for help. 
Having nothing better to do, Hunter followed the noise until he found the creature making it. On the ground was a white vampire bat. He guessed it was an albino as he saw some dark colored ones flying away. Getting a closer look, he realized it was just a baby. It was squirming around, calling probably for its parents, who at the time appeared to have dropped the little guy.&
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Kaikoa: MYO awaiting approval :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 0 0
Mature content
Vampire's Halloween :iconpurpledirewolf2015:PurpleDirewolf2015 0 0
Swamp Encounter
The night had been fun. Bumble had gone over to a friend's place for haunted house party. The bee kintaur had fun getting scared by actors and afterwards, everyone gathered to watch classic Halloween movies. Bumble must have had a little too much alcoholic cider because on his way home, he lost his way. Before he knew it, he was somewhere he had never been before. It was a swampy area. The ground started to become soft and squishy under his paws, and the trees had weird, yet somewhat shapes. 
Bumble stopped and looked around. It was too dark to see well, and as he turned around, he forgot which way he had come from, so he couldn't retrace his steps. It was then that his situation sunk in. He was really lost. Suddenly, all the noises he heard sounded malicious. Crickets conspiring against him, trees creeping as they try to follow him, something in the water stalking him, and owls laughing at him. Each noise had him on edge as he desperately tried to find a way back home. His breath
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Hunter's Night
There was something about night that called to Hunter. The red kintaur was always fascinated with the darkness, the moon, and the stars. Especially the moon. He didn't know it at first, but he was named after a special kind of moon. A blood moon. Also called Hunter's moon. It was a special occasion called a total eclipse, which caused the moon to turn bright red for several hours. He looked just like the moon did on those nights, which was why he was probably given his name. 
Because of his love for night, Hunter became nocturnal at a young age. He spent his night staring up at the sky, at the moon and the stars. When he was older, he found out he loved bats. He rescued a young albino vampire bat that he named Vampyre, pronounced vamp-ear. The bat became his best friend, and usually hangs from Hunter's tail during the day. He learned a lot from Vampyre. Enough to start training more bats using a high pitched whistle. It made a sound so high only the bats could hear it. It was main
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[ requests ] a bundle of kins :iconelementstarthewolf:ElementStarTheWolf 9 3 Stream doodles :iconsixbane:Sixbane 24 9 Hot Hot :icontalonex:TalonEX 67 10 A heartfelt Evening Prompt :iconjahpan:Jahpan 6 9 Othcal adopts batch 1 :iconravenblack-wolf:RavenBlack-Wolf 4 2 Kintaur Breeding for Zoe-Underland :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 13 7 Kn157 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 7 0 Birthday Cake :icontalonex:TalonEX 79 7 Golden Days :iconkdougfang:kdougfang 8 1
- Bonding Prompt
In order for two Cherubs to breed, they must complete this prompt. Cherubs can form strong emotional bonds with another, but not all emotions have good intentions. Love is a more positive feeling that gives a cherub warm, fuzzy feelings. On the flip side, hate beats through them and often makes them spiteful. There are many feelings a Cherub have to spark this bond, but this bond is unbreakable. Yes, these bonds can form more than once with different Cherubs.
Most of the time they form a courtship if they fall in love, but as there as good feelings of strong emotion some Cherubs suffer from the negative emotions that bond them. One must be considerate their strong emotional bond and the intentions that lie behind it before deciding to breed.
Bonding prompt comes in three parts. Please put all entries in the correct folder.

Step 1. Meeting

You must share how the two
:iconcherubiansea:CherubianSea 3 5
- CP Shop
"Welcome to the C&P Shop! Here you can cash in those cute coral and pearls for helpful and cool items. Items here are always in stock if you got the cash to buy them, so you never have to worry about catching stock in time! Right now the shop is a little bare. We are currently working on getting more items in store, but you know how it is."
Bank Location: TBA
Coral Items:
Common MYO - 1 Coral
This will allow you to make one common MYO. One time use.
Uncommon MYO - 5 Coral
This allows you to have an MYO and use any amount of uncommons. One time use.
Rare MYO - 10 Coral
Cash in some coral and be able to create a rare MYO with any available rare traits! One time use.

Pearl Items:
Hair Potion - 1 Pearl
Add some hair to your cherub. One time use.
Breeding Ticket - 3 Pearl
A voucher of sorts to be able to breed for free. You will still need to follow oth
:iconcherubiansea:CherubianSea 2 6
- EXP System
How to earn EXP and GP
"experience points" and "gift points"
You can earn EXP in a couple of ways to reach goals. 
1. Getting Art
2. Titles
3. Achievements
4. Prompts
5. Paths
6. Trials
EXP stays with the CHARACTER that is in the art. It stays with the character if traded or sold. 
1. Getting Art
This is a breakdown of art, it applies to commissioned, gift, and art you draw or write for yourself. These are all full bodies only! Busts and head shots do not count for EXP. If you have a question regarding how much something would be, if not listed, please feel free to ask and we can add it!
Base 1 EXP for Sketches / LineartColoring = +1 EXPShading = +1 EXPBackground = +3 EXP (+1 EXP if used Region LINK)
Rider / Caretaker = +1 EXPOfficial Companion = +1 EXPBackgrounds must be apparent and detailed. This includes clear landscape, interiors, environments, and feel. If we cannot see a cle
:iconechoarpg:EchoARPG 1 0
- Tracker Layout
Remove the X.
Level: 1
Alignment: Not Ready
Path: None
Occupation: Unemployed
Current EXP: 000
Trials Completed
Names of Trials Completed
Titles Earned
Names of Titles
Names of Achievements
{post images or thumbs}
:iconechoarpg:EchoARPG 1 0
Alola! :icontalonex:TalonEX 178 9 Cherub Newts :icontalonex:TalonEX 76 11 The Bane Of Artemis 11886 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 20 6



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